Transformed and Restored – Part 1

Don’t you just love the title of this message?  Transformed and Restored; wow, I want that to be my life always, and it can be for us all. 

Like many of you, my life started out being discouraged, confused, and damaged!  But there is such Good News that we don’t have to stay like that anymore. 

We are going to look at some powerful verses in Psalm 19.  This Psalm are is about the importance of God’s Word, so let’s see what He has to say about us. 

Are you ready for this?  I am. 

Psalm 19:7a

The law of the Lord is perfect, [a]converting the soul

So, what does this mean?  The law of the Lord simply means the “Word of God”.  There is nothing in this world that we can say is “perfect” except the Word of God, and of course God in all He is.  What about the phrase – “converting the soul”?  This word converting means to turn back, to be restored to its original condition. 

Our souls, our emotions and personalities may have been bruised and battered from life, but this promises that our souls can be turned back to what God had intended for us.  Do you believe that?  You need to, I need to! 

If we didn’t have the cross and the finished work of Christ and His Word that promises us change, we would be discouraged because this is how the world thinks.  We are not of this world, we are different, we have the supernatural power of the Word that will change us.  

Through His Word, He wants us to convert our souls – turning us back to the condition He intended for us, before life and pressures started pressing in on us. 

Remember, this verse says that the law “the Word of God” is perfect, not just good or better than any other word, it is Perfect, and this Word is in you, in your spirit, but we must renew our minds to it. 

Okay, so what does “Perfect” mean?  Let me tell you and get ready to rejoice!

  • Complete, whole, entire, sound, healthful, wholesome, unimpaired, innocent having integrity.
  • What is complete or entirely in accord with truth and fact.
  • Without spot, undefiled, without blemish, upright. 

Are you getting this?  Not only is His Word “perfect” but that perfect Word will convert, turn back our souls to His intended original condition.   Just like you, I have had some very tragic and hurtful things happen in my life but by allowing the perfect Word of God to change my mind, (how I think and what I think), they are just distant memories that do not need to be carried inside anymore as baggage. 

This week, let this Word marinate in your mind and your heart.  Next Monday, I will continue this because there is so much more to learn from this and other scriptures to make us free. 

Remember, you are Loved, you are Righteous, and you are His!

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